Gonna take a break from Tumblr. Not sure for how long of if I will be back, but I’m far too easily distracted and I need to focus more on work and cert tests that I should’ve taken a couple months ago.


The 2014/15 FC Bayern Munich away jersey. #allinFCB

Football Meme : Thomas Müller [asked by darthanakin]

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Pepe WTF




Is this how he is going to stop strikers? Medusa effect

Marco Reus - for Leila

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Football Rivalries: FC Bayern and Borussia Dortmund

We tried to convince him to stay at the club but I understand. He is young and wants new challenges. It is his decision and we have to respect that. —Pep Guardiola about Toni Kroos leaving the club (via fuckyeahfcbayernmunchen)

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